Exalted Ruler Message

Members all,

As my years as Exalted Ruler come to a close I would like to thank all of my officers and members who have helped with all the great functions, dinners and fundraisers for the last two years. I couldn’t have done any of this without my loving wife Jennifer by my side and on the House Committee working in the kitchen. I wish all the incoming officers a good year. 

I will be the new Lodge Secretary in April and if any member needs my help please let me know what I can do for you. 

Again thank everyone and God bless our great Lodge.

Larry White, P.E.R. 

A Note from your Leading Knight


Hello again everybody. I hope this note finds you all in good health and happy. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the lodge as of late, you should make the trip. The changes that have been made are amazing!

As you know, February 25 is our annual meeting that we vote in the new officers. Please come out to support your lodge.

We have had some interest in creating some horse shoe pits utilizing one of the bocce courts. We already have several sets of shoes, several bags of sand and some posts to create the “pit” itself. Anyone interested in helping can call me at 813 352 1261.

I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who call us well in advance for your reservations for dinners and dances. It helps the volunteer kitchen to determine how much food to prepare.

In closing, I would like to make a shout out to all the volunteers we have. You know who you are and I for one appreciate each and every one of you. Without your constant and repeated help, I don’t know where we would be today. So thank you again for all your help! May God bless you all.

Fraternally yours,

Phil Rafferty E.L.K.

House Committee Message


Greeting from the House Committee. We hope everyone is doing well.

March is the last month of the Elks’ fiscal year, and we have a rather busy month! Just a quick reminder, the installation dinner is March 30th. Anyone can attend this dinner. We will be serving prime rib at 3:00 p.m. for $20 per person. If you would like to attend, please see Tom, the bartender when you are in the lodge and he can take your payment and your reservation. 

Also, on March 9, is a steak cook off!! This is an FDA sanctioned event. They will be serving a rib eye dinner for $20 between 4-5. Come on down and check it out! All proceeds will go to an Elks’ charity.  We also can’t forget St. Patrick's Day!! Saturday, March 16, we will be serving corned beef and cabbage. Steaks will also still be available. As always, we ask that you make reservations in advance of our dinners. 

We want to always tell any of our volunteers thank you. You all know who you are. Thank you all for all you contribute to the lodge.  Everyone remember to be kind to one another. We are all Elk brothers and sisters, and should act as such. God bless all of you.

The House Committee


Cindy Griffiths, Diane Hein, Jennifer Reaper, Joan Volkorez, Jennifer White