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Brooksville Elks Lodge 2582

WELCOME! BROOKSVILLE ELKS LODGE #2582 elksbrooksville@gmail.com

WELCOME! BROOKSVILLE ELKS LODGE #2582 elksbrooksville@gmail.com

WELCOME! BROOKSVILLE ELKS LODGE #2582 elksbrooksville@gmail.comWELCOME! BROOKSVILLE ELKS LODGE #2582 elksbrooksville@gmail.com


Exalted Ruler Message

Hello all! This year is coming to an end quickly. This month we have nominations for officers at our first meeting and the annual election at our second meeting…according to our by-laws, and if you’re interested in serving, stop in and let us know. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members that showed up for the necessity of taking a vote allowing us to sell a portion of our property. God willing, Grand Lodge will also approve it so we can use the proceeds to make some badly needed improvements around here.

Recently, space was made by removing some cabinets behind the old bar and a stainless-steel table cleaned until it looks brand new was installed in the space to help make extra prep space for the kitchen, which, by the way is doing very well. If you haven’t sat for one of the meals yet, you’re missing out. 

New LED lighting was donated and added above the table. Thank you Scot! Another thing going on is the new A/C unit is close to being installed. The old unit has been disconnected and removed from the slab. 

We are planning a work day in the very near future to cut brush, pickup sticks and limbs etc. and just generally clean up the property. Dates and times will be forthcoming. Many hands make light work.

In closing, please support your Lodge as often and as much as you can. As you know, we are a voluntary entity and every little bit helps. Consider sending a donation to help with our upkeep.

Last but not least, it is my sad duty to inform you we lost Rose Crow a couple days ago. She passed at home. Rose was a 24-year member and Dick Crow, her husband is a 42-year life member. We will miss Rose. May she rest in peace.

Fraternally Yours,

Phil Rafferty E.R.

A Note from your Leading Knight

Greetings, fellow Elks. Hope all are doing well and in good health.

Sad news to pass on about the death of our long time member Rose Crow. All of us here at Brooksville Elks Lodge 2582 send our condolences and prayers to Rose’s husband Dick Crow; we are all saddened by your loss. Please know we are here for you. 

Sale of the land was voted on and approved by the Lodge members at our last Lodge meeting. It has now been sent to the Grand Lodge for final approval. 

Again I would like to invite all members to join us at our dinners and activities at the Lodge for a fun filled time. Check the Herd calendar for time and dates. See YOU at the Lodge.  

God Bless,

Rich Griffiths, Leading Knight

House Committee Message

Hope your New Year has gotten off to a great beginning and hope your resolution is to try and spend more time visiting your Lodge. We have been very busy trying to bring things that you might enjoy and are open to any suggestions from you the members. We are hoping that February will be a better month and a great beginning of the new-year. We need your support to survive and keep our Lodge open for your enjoyment.

Just a few notes of things that we have going on this month beginning with our Steak Shoot on the 1st Saturday, which happens to be on the 1st. Our Karaoke has been picking up on Tuesdays and the people are telling us they really enjoy their lunches; even if you don’t sing it’s nice to just meet up with all your friends and grab a bite to eat.

We have started our shuffleboard league on Thursday’s and are excited that so many people signed up. If you didn’t get in this time, maybe next time. Of course bowling on the machines is still available and we still have the Golden Elk at 7:00 p.m. 

We have been getting a good crowd for Angelo every 1st Friday so I would suggest you getting your reservations in early for dinner. We are also having a Valentine’s Dinner Dance on the 14th, so make plans to bring your sweetheart out for dinner and dancing. We will have some surprises for you, should be lots of fun but will be even better if you are there. 

Little Miss Dynamite, Karen Kallin, will be with us on the 15th. If you haven’t heard her come on out, she is fantastic and lives up to her name. We have hall rentals on the weekend, Feb. 21st, and Feb. 22nd so no dinners that weekend. Last but not least we have Trivioke on Friday the 28th. If you haven’t been you just don’t know how much fun you are missing!!!!

As always the Line dance lessons are every Sunday from 2-6, and Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30. If you have wanted to learn to line dance now is your chance. 

Thanks again for all our wonderful volunteers, and we keep getting new ones, we thoroughly appreciate each and every one of you!! All are welcome!!!!

God Bless you all,

House Committee!

Cindy Griffiths, Diane Hein, Nora Hughson, Sherry Mackeil, Gin Poisson, Carr Hussey, Jane Hussey, Bill Rundgren and our E.R. Phil Rafferty               

Secretary's Message

No message this month.

Larry White, PER


ENF Chairman