Exalted Ruler Message


Hello my Friends, this message will be rather short this month…not much going on.

A few weeks ago, we had a wedding and reception held in the hall with 200 people attending. I must say, they all had a wonderful time, were well behaved and very gracious to the bartenders. Suzy and her son James did a great job!

In closing, you can now get your bulletin by going to to see it online. For those of you that don’t have access to the Internet, please contact us so we can send you a paper copy. It won’t be long before we stop sending them altogether. There will always be copies at the bar each month. Till then, take care and may God bless!

Fraternally Yours,

Phil Rafferty E.R.

A Note from your Leading Knight

Greetings to all, hope your summer has been enjoyable. Here it is already September, before you know it the holidays will be upon us. 

Speaking about the holidays be sure to mark your calendars for our adult Christmas Party December 14th. And of course our New Year’s Eve party. We are working on our plans as we speak; this year we are looking into having the party catered so all will be able to enjoy themselves. I will keep you informed and let you know about the cost and time of the party in the later months. 

September is the month we will get back into full swing with all our Friday night dinners, and don’t forget about our steak shoots the first Saturday of each month. Please help support your Lodge and come and enjoy all the activities that go on at the Lodge; we love seeing your smiling faces!!!!!!!!  

God Bless,

Rich Griffiths, Leading Knight

House Committee Message

God Bless,

Gosh it’s September already!!! School has started back and all of our friends and families are heading back south. We look forward to seeing you all again and we thank all of those that have kept us company while you were gone!!!

The House Committee of course has not stopped working for you and our Lodge. We did take a couple of weeks off from our Friday night dinners for a much needed break but promise we will make up for it beginning this month. 

Some dates to remember and mark your calendar:

Sept. 2nd – Labor Day Cookout – Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and all the fixings $7.00 per person beginning at 2:00 p.m. Please come join us for some fun!!

Sept. 6th – Friday night dinner with Angelo entertaining – Fish or Meatloaf

Sept. 7th– Steak Shoot with Spaghetti Dinner following $7.00

Sept. 13th – Dinner Dance with Sweet Charlie entertaining. Pot Roast or Chicken Pot Pie

Sept. 14th – Orange Blossom Competition

Sept. 20th – Dinner Dance 

Sept. 27th- Trivioke 

Check your calendars on our web site often for any changes as things do tend to change.

As always we have our Karaoke every Tuesday from 2:00-5:00 pm. and line dancing is still being held on Sundays from 4:00–6:00 pm and on Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00. Come on out and learn how to do all those line dances everyone loves to join in on. Make sure you make your reservations for our dinner dances by Thursday; we need to know so we will have enough food to serve each and everyone of you!!! 

We are still looking for volunteers; we would love to have you come join our team, so if you like to cook, or just lend a helping hand we would love to have you!!! As always we will never turn away a volunteer…. Do you have some terrific ideas you would like to share with us? You may want to consider joining our House Committee. If so, please give me a call.

Thanks to all that have stepped up to help out while others are away. You are very much appreciated and are doing a fantastic job! Look forward to seeing you all around the Lodge; come visit our bartenders, they will even fix you something to eat if you are hungry!!!

God Bless.



Sherry MacKeil, Nora Hughson, Gin Poisson, Diane Hein & Georgeann Bennett

Secretary's Message


No Message this month.

Larry White, PER