Exalted Ruler Message


Although our fiscal year doesn't end till April, I would like to thank everyone for their support throughout the year. I have felt honored to have such awesome people working so hard to move this lodge forward. No one man or woman can run this lodge; it truly takes the members. 

We have had several fundraisers this past year, some more successful than others, but I am always proud to say we did them, and hopefully helped someone along the way.

Many of our members have worked countless hours installing ovens, mowing the lawn, building the new bar, and fixing lighting...and so on. Sometimes thank you seems inadequate; perhaps thankful is more appropriate. Thank you to all who have spent so much time making this lodge look so beautiful, and function better. I'm proud to say I have been the ER here, and am also proud to know all you wonderful people. Thank you all for making this year so productive. I truly want to see this lodge move ahead. I also want to thank my wife, Jen, for putting up with me, and for the hard work she also puts in.

Larry White, P.E.R. 

A Note from your Leading Knight


Can you believe it? January already! If I haven’t told you, THANK YOU for all your support during this era of renovation and so forth. Our new bar is now operational, albeit not 100 % complete yet…but soon, very soon. Come in and say hey to Tom and look around.

The newly remodeled ante room has a nice fresh look, with a new ceiling, painted walls, floor stained, blinds installed and such. You will have to see it to believe it. It will serve several purposes i.e. meeting room etc. 

It’s never too late to donate a few dollars or a few hours of your time for that matter. We are always trying to improve the lodge and every little bit helps. The next major project we are going to take on is a new member entrance door, located just inside the double glass doors. When completed, the existing member door will simply become a standard fire exit door. 

Please remember folks, call or reserve your tickets for dinners and so forth well in advance so our volunteer kitchen help knows how much to prepare. 

In closing, just know that we appreciate our members’ participation in the doings of the lodge. Stop in sometime soon to see all the improvements and see what you helped build.

Fraternally yours,

Phil Rafferty E.L.K.

House Committee Message


Greetings from the house committee. 

Looks like we made it through another year! For those who have not been in the lodge for several months, please come see all the improvements that we have made! Except for a few things, all the work has been done by members volunteering their time and talents!  The hall looks amazing...good job to all involved.

The house committee would like to thank everyone who has donated to the lodge, the fundraisers we have had, and to all the volunteers who make these things possible. It takes members to be a lodge; otherwise it's just a building.

As we roll into January, hopefully we can all appreciate each other for the contributions made to the lodge. If you would like to be supportive, but may not be physically able to volunteer, just come to the dinners or events we have going on. We're always happy to see you!

Our Golden Elk drawing is every Thursday at 7pm. Many of you have asked for this, and now that it's back, let's get that pot up!!  You can't win if you don’t play!  Also, on the 25th, Trivaoke is back!!! This is a game of general knowledge questions, with some music questions, followed by actual karaoke.  If you haven't tried it, please come out and play. It's a lot of fun. Bring some friends. We will be serving food that night. It’s only a dollar to play!

In closing, we just want to again say thank you to all our volunteers and pray all have a safe and prosperous New Year. Please, always be kind to others. You never know how kind words or actions can change someone's day.


The House Committee


Cindy Griffiths, Dianna Hines, Jennifer Reaper, Joan Volkorez, Jennifer White